Asset Type – Private Equity

For GPs Private Equity investments are processed throughout the full life cycle from:

Deal Flow to record all steps prior to the investment decision
Monitoring based on the KPIs of the investment
Performance Measurement

Standard dashboards enable the end-user to obtain the required view of the status of each investment.

Multiple valuations can be defined and controlled by the user, providing an easy way to assess and anticipate exit strategies.

Asset Type – Private Debt

Framework Core supports and processes all types of Loans, Notes, and Constant Repayment loans.

Framework Core is used to track all cash flows past, present and forecasted for the corresponding loans.

All type of interest are supported, including:

• Fixed rates
• Floating rates + spread (fixed or variable)

When payments are not made, penalties are calculated according to predefined rules.

IFRS9 will be fully supported by Framework from Q2 2019.

Asset Type – Fund of Fund

Information provided by third parties is easily uploaded into Framework Core.

Transactions and positions for underlying fund investments are reflected in order to provide full visibility and an assessment of the underlying investment risk and exposure.

Asset Type – Real Estate

Real Estate Investments are supported and monitored in accordance with INREV guidelines providing:

• Regulatory reports and information
• Standardised reports and calculations for comparison

Real Estate functionality is being refreshed to fully support the latest INREV guidelines by Q3 2020.