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Framework realises the value of your investment in information systems by de-fragmenting your data, giving you self-service reporting & analytics tools, and opening up your investment data to all stakeholders.

Soon we will pass a significant milestone: 400 man years of investment in our products and services. All that effort focused on one outcome: improving investment data management in the Private Equity sector.

Our clients work in multi-vendor system environments. Typically, best-of-breed systems have been acquired over the years leading to fragmentation of enterprise investment data. We work with our clients to find ways to add value to their systems infrastructure by using that investment data more effectively.

Centralised, structured investment data is the starting point for effective portfolio reporting and investment data management.

Framework offers:

  • An open architecture which will co-exist with other systems
  • Self-service reporting tools for all stakeholders
  • Access to investment data for all stakeholders; internal and external


Accounting and Administration

Framework is recognised as the heavy-duty accounting and administration solution in the Private Equity sector.

  • Multiple (alternate) chart of accounts
  • General ledger and investment transactions
  • Investment valuations
  • Multi-instrument, multi-round
  • IRR calculations
  • Capital calls and distributions
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Transfer of interest
  • Statutory and Regulatory reporting
  • Self-service tools for ad-hoc and standard reports
  • Point-in-Time NAV reporting

Designed for accountancy teams and used in a wide variety of back-offices in large investment organisations.


Framework Data Hub

Framework Data Hub brings fragmented enterprise investment data together into one database, in one standard format.

Framework Data Hub features:

  • Self-service tools to structure investment data to meet reporting and modelling needs
  • Reporting on allocations and attributions across complex investment structures
  • Pre-calculated key financial indicators for faster reporting

Add value to your existing portfolio data. Framework Data Hub can co-exist with your enterprise data infrastructure. Framework Data Hub will integrate with OLAP-compliant enterprise business intelligence tools.


Framework Analytics

Framework Analytics is a vendor-neutral, self-service reporting and analytics toolset designed to support Private Equity investment data management, analytics and complex investor reporting.

Framework Analytics features:

  • Self-service tools for data structuring and enhanced reporting
  • Business intelligence layer for forecasting, modelling and analytics
  • Spreadsheet compatibility
  • Data sharing with a wider user community
  • Data access from mobile devices?

Realise the value in your investment management data with a scalable, enterprise data analytics solution designed specifically for the needs of Private Equity.


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