Client Sectors

Framework is the partner of choice for Private Equity enterprise investment data management.

Asset Servicing

A common data model and standard data exchange protocols will support growth within successful Asset Servicers and enable data exchange with their clients.

Asset Servicers need:

  • Scalable solutions to meet the more complex investment structures across multiple jurisdictions
  • To support industry best practices of transparency, insight and accountability for investor reporting
  • Effective data management when on-boarding new client portfolio data
  • Self-service reporting by a wider user community which may include investors and advisors

Framework data migration and exchange tools make it easier to grow your Asset Services business.


Real Estate & Infrastructure

Real Estate & Infrastructure investments involve a wider set of stakeholders and data sources. All parties can now use self-service tools to share investment data.

Framework solutions offer Real Estate and Infrastructure investors:

  • Flexibility in the creation and administration of investment structures
  • Versatility in the definition of loan and equity instruments
  • Transparent transfer of interest
  • Investor mandate management in the context of complex investment vehicles

Framework can meet the detailed investor reporting requirements of complex investment structures.


General Partners & Fund of Funds

Private Equity needs 21st century decision-support systems which align the needs of investment managers, their investors, asset services, and invested firms and funds.

Framework solutions offer General Partners:

  • A return on investment in their portfolio data
  • Insight into portfolio performance and investment strategy
  • A data management solution which will cope with scale, change, and complexity

Framework solutions offer Fund of Funds:

  • Support for complex investor mandate management
  • Transparent allocation and attribution of fees and costs in complex structures
  • Wider stakeholder access to investment data

Framework makes your investment data work to manage portfolios, assure and inform investors, and grow your AUM.

Institutional Investors

The diverse, global community of Institutional Investors will benefit from emerging standards in Private Equity data exchange; a common data model and the data exchange protocols of AltExchange.

Institutional Investors are changing their relationship with Private Equity:

  • "Hybrid" investors, managing their own funds and direct or co-investments
  • Defining more detailed mandates for their investment managers
  • Larger portfolios of diverse investment and instrument types

Framework Data Hub provides Institutional Investors with a single data source for all their Private Equity portfolio reporting.



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