Quality Standards

In a maturing market the leaders will expect full compliance with systems, process and data management standards. Framework is accredited under ISO 9001:2015 for software development and maintenance processes. Further, Framework will work with technology partners and clients to fulfil the demands of ISO 27001 data security standards and assist users comply with SSAE 16 / SAS 70 requirements for investment administration.

Framework Quality Policy

Framework Private Equity Investment Data Management Ltd and its subsidiary in Bangalore, India, FrameworkPE Investment Data Management Services Private Ltd have stated that the aims that we should strive to achieve are:

  • To increase product and services quality, and improve overall customer service quality: meaning reduced defect/error/issue rate over time.
  • To deliver our products, solutions and services to specification, and on time. 

There are several key elements that we should focus on to achieve these objectives:

1) We should aim to ensure our solutions and product changes: 

  • meet the needs of our clients
  • are robust and reliable
  • are straightforward to implement and use

2) We should be determined to work together, and to work with our customers, to achieve this, and through this consistent determination and the application of our knowledge and thought, deliver above our customers' expectations. 

3) We should acknowledge that financial success is important to both our customers and ourselves. This means doing everything we can to meet commitments on time and cost, especially through the use of controlled project and quality management. 

4) We should understand that in practice, plans and processes might not always work. We may not be able to achieve our quality objectives, every time, but should recognise that in always trying to achieve them, we are making progress. We should not give up, if processes fail, but always seek to ensure that internally and with our clients, good practices are established, and that the risks of departing from those practices are clearly understood.

5) We will set out to manage clients' expectations to ensure that they understand the options available and the consequences and risks of the choices they have. In order to achieve this we will focus on getting to know the client better, understanding:

  • how they work;
  • their processes;
  • their pains and priorities;
  • their understanding of our system;  (meaning effective use of our system);
  • their company structure.

6) We will work to create a climate whereby we are closer to the clients' business needs and circumstances, so that we are recognised as trusted advisors and custodians of the business system we supply.

7) We will value people who solve problems well: can stand back, assess the situation, and then take responsibility for ensuring that resolution occurs. We particularly value those who put the needs of the client and of colleagues ahead of their own interests.

8) We will continually review our processes, and make further improvements, based on experience.  We will maintain a quality management system for making and implementing continuous improvements.


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