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Private Equity is a sophisticated sector, with global reach and increasing regulatory influence. It is a diverse sector which demands flexible systems solutions.

We understand the differences in the priorities and culture of Institutional Investors compared with General Partners. Investment strategies vary. Operational models may involve many third-parties: Asset Services; Advisors; Lenders. Portfolios may be simple or highly complex.

Our experience tells us that all enterprises in the Private Equity sector share one core, common issue: investment data management.
15 years and more in the sector, engaging with some of the largest, most demanding firms, has taught us that we serve our clients best by giving them the technology to manage their enterprise investment data.

Many enterprises have been clients for more than 10 years. If you ask them why, they would say that it is because we invest in relationships, we understand service (we are a "high-touch" business), and we work towards high quality standards.

We are stewards of client investment data. It is a responsibility we take very seriously; investing in our products and domain expertise and quality management system.


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